In order to become BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified, a contractor must meet certain standards.  The contractor’s license needs to be in good standing with the Contractors State License Board, and all District requirements must be met as far as insurance coverage is concerned.  The BPI certification process includes not only meeting national standards but also passing both written examinations and field exams.

Why BPI Certification?

BPI certification is necessary in order to be able to participate in energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs.  In addition, it assures that those who are certified are able to optimize the way air conditioning and heating equipment performs so that the consumer can not only save energy, but do so safely in a healthy environment.

Benefits of BPI Certification

  • ALLSTAR must adhere to the highest standards of performance
  • Our knowledge and skill levels have been tested and meet BPI’s tough requirements
  • You can be assured of accreditation as well as quality assurance
  • You know that we follow the best building and ethical practices laid down in BPI guidelines

It all comes down to peace of mind.  If you want to work with a company that meets rigorous standards and whose technicians are capable of saving you money through energy efficiency, then selecting ALLSTAR Air Conditioning & Heating is the right thing to do.  Call us today at (909) 484-1155 for any HVAC issue you may have.