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Key Features of Tank and Tankless Water heaters

Tank Water Heater:

  • A tank water heater, also known as a traditional or storage water heater, consists of a large insulated tank that holds and heats a specific amount of water.
  • The tank is continuously heated, maintaining a reservoir of hot water at a set temperature, ready for use when needed.
  • When hot water is used, cold water enters the tank to replace it, and the heating element or burner kicks in to reheat the water.

Tankless Water Heater:

  • A tankless water heater, also called an on-demand water heater, operates without a storage tank.
  • Instead of storing hot water, it heats water only when there’s a demand for it, directly passing it through a heat exchanger or heating element.
  • When you turn on a hot water tap, the tankless water heater starts heating the water instantly, providing a continuous supply of hot water as long as the tap remains open.

The main difference between the two is that tank water heaters store and continuously heat water, while tankless water heaters heat water on demand, providing hot water instantly without the need for a storage tank. This makes tankless water heaters more energy-efficient and often preferred in households with limited space or a desire for reduced energy consumption. However, both types of water heaters have their pros and cons depending on your specific needs and preferences.