As the air cools down and the leaves change color, many people tend to spend more time indoors and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning increases. With an in-home inspection by All Star Air Conditioning & Heating, you can find out whether you are currently at a high level of risk for problems with your carbon monoxide levels.  Particularly if your heating units are old, they may be in need of repair in order to keep them functioning properly to keep you warm and also to keep you safe.  We provide a three-step inspection service to give you peace of mind.

Step 1.  Spillage Test

We test your heater or other appliances that burn fuel to see whether combustible gas is leaking from them into a confined living space.  When a furnace or other appliance is not in good repair, there could easily be spillage.  However, because carbon monoxide is a gas that has no color, odor, or taste, you simply can’t tell if it is leaking into your rooms from the furnace.  We have the equipment and knowledge to make this determination.

Step 2.  Draft Test

All Star Air Conditioning & Heating will test to see if the gases are being properly vented or exhausted out of your home.  If vents or flues are clogged or blocked, they may not be exhausting properly to the out of doors.  If the exhaust system was not properly designed, the gases may be improperly exhausted even if they are following the designed venting.  Older systems are particularly at risk, since they were not designed with the knowledge that we have today about carbon monoxide.  Some newer systems may not have been installed properly or may not have received necessary maintenance.  We can verify where your gases are being exhausted.

Step 3.  CO Test

This test measures the actual levels of carbon monoxide in your home to make sure that they are within the accepted standards.  PPM, or parts-per-million is the way carbon monoxide is measured.  When the level is higher than 9 PPM it can begin to affect health negatively if a person is constantly exposed to that level for more than 8 hours.  When the levels are higher than 400 PPM, there may only be a few hours before unconsciousness occurs and death swiftly follows.  Most home units are designed to sound an alarm when the level is above 100 PPM.

Take advantage of All Star Air Conditioning & Heating’s $99.00 special on an in-home carbon monoxide inspection.  Keep your family safe from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide. Call us at (909)484-1155.